Thursday, November 6, 2008

More on transition

Secretary of Education

Colin Powell -- There is speculation that Barack will appoint at least one Republican to his cabinet. The former secretary of state is one logical choice. In 1997, he founded America's Promise, an alliance of national organizations dedicated to teaching today’s youth, and in 2008 was spokesperson for National Mentoring Month.

Alma Vivian Powell -- wife of Colin Powell and Co-Chair of America's Promise. Both her father and uncle were high school principals. She has authored two children's books, America's Promise and My Little Red Wagon.

HUD Secretary

Rep. James Clyburn -- a South Carolina representative has been a champion of low income housing.

Mayor Shirley Franklin -- has worked hard for affordable housing, housing for homeless veterans, etc. in Atlanta, where she is mayor.

Secretary of the Interior

Gov. Ed Rendell -- he's done a good job cleaning things up in his home state of Pennsylvania.

Jamie Rappaport Clark -- Bill Clinton's former Fish and Wildlife Service director managed Endangered Species Act protections and expanded the National Wildlife Refuge System. She would make a great choice.

Jay Inslee -- a congressional rep. from Seattle, he authored the book A
pollo's Fire: Igniting America's Clean Energy Economy.

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Judith said...

What are the chances of the official "political servants" in the House, Senate and Congress taking cuts in their wages and/or benefits, so the rest of the population, the workhorses of the US,have fair-pay jobs, health, and retirement benefits --if nothing else it could be a symbol of the integrity that Obama has started to inject into ourailing democracy. Will Obama continue the tradition of political leaders having multiple places to live around the states and world?
jmb, Polk County, TN

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