Friday, November 7, 2008

More on Transition (3)

The first confirmed appointment by President-elect Barack Obama is Rep. Rahm Emanuel from Obama's hometown of Chicago.

Obama called Emanuel the best person he knows at getting things done. The Illinois congressman is known both for his steady stream of expletives and results. He offers the urgency in an urgent situation in contrast to Obama's usual easy-going style.

Emanuel's flashy, fiery get-it-done approach may be meant to balance Obama's more cerebral tendencies.

Some Republicans have complained that Emanuel is too partisan and confrontational, but others note that he has been effective at working across party lines.

Here are some more progressive suggestions for cabinet positions:

Secretary of Defense

Gen. Wesley Clark -- this might require some burying of the hatchet, but Clark has the obvious combination of military and political experience.

Sen. James Webb -- he opposes the Iraq War and introduced a bill that would prevent military spending for any confrotation in Iran. A Vietnam veteran and former Secretary of the Navy, he resigned the latter post in protest to cuts in the military budget. However, there is no indication that he opposes Obama's proposed cuts in military spending.

National Security Adviser

James Steinberg -- deputy national security adviser during Clinton administration.

Dr. Susan Rice -- also recommended for Secretary of State.

Dr. Samantha Powers -- good pick but maybe unlikely due to her outburst against the Clinton campaign during the primary.

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