Monday, November 10, 2008

More on Transition (4)

Treasury Secretary

Sheila Bair -- chair of the FDIC, she has been a proponent of greater regulation. She has supported direct assistance to distressed homeowners and is a believer of recovery from the bottom up.

Meredith Whitney -- managing director of Oppenheimer & Co., she correctly predicted much of the current financial mess that faces the country and world.

Commerce Secretary

Federico Pena -- former Secretary of Transportation and Secretary of Energy during Clinton administration. An early supporter of Obama and one of his Latino co-chairs.

Penny Pritzker -- business executive, Obama fundraiser.

Health and Human Services Secretary

Dr. Howard Dean -- a medical doctor and current head of the Democratic Party. Dean reportedly is interested in the position.

Sen. Hillary Clinton -- a bit unlikely, but she would not be a bad choice.

Sen. Daniel Akaka -- defender of Medicaid access, Akaka might benefit from coming from Obama's homestate of Hawai'i.


Rossi said...

Mr. Obama, adopt one of my cute little dogs
Poodle Toy Apricot, with parents with good temper, nice structure and perfect for a family with children like mine.

Hey Mr. Obama, consider taking one of my puppies, as a gift. I know you will take good care of any of them.

Anonymous said...

This public employee threatened OBAMA.

Alonso Xa said...

Will there be any real change. The world is a really grim place at the moment

César said...
Can't wait for Obama's inauguration

César said...
Can't wait for Obama's inauguration

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