Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comment: Obama must act with all 'deliberate haste'

President-elect Barack Obama knows that time is of the essence.

Some 16 years ago, Bill Clinton also swept into office with a stunning victory including wins in many southern states where Democrats had not won in a long time. Clinton's party enjoyed full control of Congress also with numbers very similar to Obama's current advantage.

However, within just two years, the Democrats had lost control of Congress for the first time in 40 years. Republicans have dominated the legislature for most of the period since that time until the 2006 elections.

Obama is already reviewing George W. Bush's executive orders and is expected to reverse many of them. Unlike Clinton, Obama is wasting no time in making key appointments.

While Clinton faced an economic recession upon entering office, most analysts will agree that his problems pale in comparison to those Obama must tackle.

BBC News

Editorial: Undoing Bush's executive orders
San Jose Mercury News, USA - 15 hours ago
Among the best is Obama's opportunity to overturn some of Bush's worst executive orders. Where to begin: Stem cell research ban? Gone. ...
Obama team: No decisions on reversing Bush orders Reuters
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