Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Polls don't show

When you read about polling data this early in the race, it's good to keep in mind one thing.

All polling groups survey only people they think of as likely to vote, or as already registered to vote. In most cases, they select names of folk who have voted in the last election or in the last two elections.

So, if a campaign is doing a good job at registering new voters and activating registered people who haven't voted lately, the pollsters will often miss these folk. George W. Bush, for all his faults, managed to really turn voters out on election day in 2004 resulting in a surprisingly strong victory.

Tracking polls especially survey a small group of likely voters over and over again to see how their opinions of the candidates change. To some extent they are more or less a referendum among that group of people based on the latest news coverage. However, they do not really account for changes in voter demographics.

So the final outcome depends a great deal on activity going on behind the scenes as both campaigns attempt to register and enlist new voters, and on election day make sure all their supporters go to vote.

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