Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama raises $51 million

Obama for America announced today that it had raised a cool $51 million in July far outstripping opponent John McCain's $27 million for the same period.

The Obama campaign has $65.8 million cash on hand for the start of August, while the Democratic National Committe has $28.5 million available for a total of $94.3 million.

McCain and the RNC had $96 million cash on hand for August mainly due to the RNC's superior stockpile at the end of the primary season. However, in July the DNC raised $27.7 million compared to nearly $26 million for the RNC.

Some of the cash on hand must be spent before the party convention of the respective candidate.

More than 65,000 New Donors Contributed to the Obama Campaign in July, Bringing July Total to Over $51 Million

Obama campaign has $65.8 million on hand

CHICAGO – Senator Barack Obama’s campaign announced today that more than 65,000 new donors contributed to the Obama campaign during the month of July, bringing the total raised for the month to over $51 million. More than 2 million people have now contributed to the campaign.

“The 65,000 new donors to the Obama campaign demonstrate just how strongly the American people are looking to fundamentally change business as usual in Washington. We are proud of the millions of volunteers and more than two million donors to the Obama campaign who will provide the backbone of our campaign to put America back on track and reject the old politics and failed Bush policies, which is all John McCain is offering,” said David Plouffe, campaign manager of Obama for America.

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