Tuesday, August 19, 2008

VP choice expected this week

The media is reporting that Barack Obama will announce his choice for vice presidential running mate at the end of this week possibly as early as Wednesday. However, the media got it wrong when they thought the candidates would announce before the start of the Olympics.

This time though there are reports that Obama staffers at the Chicago headquarters have been hastily preparing to transition in the Obama's pick.

Speculation, of course, is running wild with most commentators placing their bets on Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, Bill Richardson or Kathleen Sebelius. I still think that Hillary is a slight favorite, but her husband Bill might have hurt her chances. Barack's weakness has been with the more strident Hillary supporters. By choosing her, it's hard to imagine they could still oppose the Illinois senator.

Most people think that John McCain will wait until after the Democratic Convention to announce his choice in an attempt to upstage any "bounce" that Barack might gain from all the attention.

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