Thursday, August 21, 2008

Video Roundup on Thursday

Latinos for Obama meeting in Aurora, Colorado with former Secretary of Energy

Barack talks in Chester, Virginia on Aug. 21 about John McCain's views on the economy.

McCain has said that a "rich person" would make about $5 million a year, possibly people owning seven houses like himself. No wonder he thinks the 'economic fundamentals' under the Bush administration are "strong."

For ordinary one-house people, the economy may not be so great.

The new TV ad "Backyard" exposes John McCain's support for the Yucca nuclear dump site in Nevada, while opposing nuclear waste in his own home state of Arizona.

In other news, it has been reported (let's see) that Barack will announce his VP pick by text message some time tomorrow.

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Madoca/Brasil said...

Sir Obama presidente! Parabéns! Muitas, muitas e muitas felicidades!

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