Thursday, August 21, 2008

McCain's Housing Crisis: Losing Track of Dream Homes

John McCain thinks the Bush economy is just fine, and vows to follow the same track. Not surprising given the fact that he owns seven homes worth $13 million averaging out to about $1.85 million each.

Many Americans though have had their homes foreclosed due to the mortgage meltdown. McCain said that he had lost track of how many homes he owned when questioned by reporters today.

Indeed, McCain probably wants to avoid the mortgage crisis altogether as it might bring back memories of his days as one of the "Keating Five" when he was censured for exercising "poor judgment" during that savings and loan crisis.

The Obama campaign released a rapid response TV ad on McCains's response.


Anonymous said...

So Obama camp - where is the "change" all I see is the same old mud slinging and promises to do it better. Give me a break!

Andrew Peace said...

I noticed you don't post sources or references. Let me correct your inaccuracies:

"John McCain thinks the Bush economy is just fine, and vows to follow the same track."

No. He said that it was "fundamentally strong", which it is. Go to Google Finance and look at a graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. At the end of the Clinton Administration, it skyrocketed, and has continued to be strong. Also, unemployment has been lower under Bush. Go ahead and download the PDF from the census bureau.

Also, John McCain owns zero homes. His wife and family own a total of eight.

On my blog, I refute this argument. And I use sources.

Obama is just as out of touch as McCain

That said, I love what you are doing here. You are speaking out in favor of Obama and trying to educate. Keep it up! Try to convince your audience by using sources. I love to see both sides in an equal battle.

We should blog-debate sometime :D

Peace out!

Anonymous said...

The economy is not Bush's fault,/remember Sept 11/ it's an international problem. As far as the Dow Jones, thats simply a market correction. If Obama becomes Pres. expect higher taxes, a weakening of our military, and an economy that spins farther out of control. GOD HELP US ALL!

Emmy Herrebrugh said...

Obama's polls are strong. His voter turnout is weak. McCain can win if we ALL GO OUT AND VOTE FOR HIM! Don't just cheer him on from the couch, but VOTE! We CANNOT let Obama ruin this great nation during this already troublesome time! McCain '08! PLEASE PLEASE GOP SUPPORTERS...Don't forget to VOTE!!!

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