Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More Obama News from Monday

Academy Award winning actor George Clooney is organizing a big fundraiser for Barack Obama in Switzerland on Sept. 2.

There will be a reception with tickets at $1,000 followed by a dinner at the house of NFC member Charles Adams for guests who raised at least $10,000 from multiple sources.

Why the event is taking place overseas is not explained, but the campaign states that only U.S. citizens with passports will be allowed to donate.

Tire pressure claim correct

Barack's claims on oil savings from simply keeping your tires properly inflated and getting regular tuneups is correct. The savings in fact, if practiced widely, could easily exceed the amount of oil obtained from any new offshore drilling.

McCain had mocked Obama's suggestions pointing instead to his plan to expand offshore drilling.

Also, it has been widely reported that Barack now supports some offshore drilling himself. Haven't seen the evidence though. He has said that he might consider some new drilling as part of a compromise plan were the good gained would offset the negatives of new drilling.

Barack in Ohio

In the following video, Barack talks in Ohio about his new energy plan and other economic matters. He notes that during the last eight years it has been the wealthy, the oil companies, the big contractors and lobbys who have gained, while the American people have suffered. He promises to shift the emphasis back to the people.

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gate said...

I thought you might be interested in this:


I’m trying to turn the tables on the McCain folks and their stupid tire gauge stunt. I’m having gauges made and selling them on eBay in hopes of raising $2300 for Obama (the max contribution). If you are down, can you please forward this on to other like minded folks. Thanks!

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