Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Molten Core of Barack: Why Obama Can't Win

Alex, John McCain has been spending more, a lot more, on television ads to get his poll numbers up.

He was trailing badly especially in the state-by-state electoral count and was probably getting pressure from party leaders to recuperate his standings. So they've been outspending the Obama campaign by about 3 to 1 running mostly negative ads to artificially inflate his poll numbers.

The Obama campaign is looking good so they've been spending their money and time more on building up their ground campaign for a 50 state strategy. They are conserving money now with the exception of the big Olympics tv ad campaign.

Still, even with all the media efforts of McCain and the Republican National Committee (RNC), Obama still looks much better right now in the electoral vote polls.

Check out the RealClearPolitics site.


When it comes time to close the show a few weeks before the election, I believe you will see the Obama campaign open up the purse strings because that's when many people really start paying attention and deciding on who to vote for.
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