Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sen. Obama meets with Gen. Powell

News reports indicate that Barack Obama is scheduled to have two meetings with former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

General Powell is a former head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the first African American to serve as Secretary of State. The two had met privately already on June 18.

Previously, Powell has made positive statements about Obama despite the fact that he is a Republican fueling speculation that he might endorse the Illinois senator. It is widely believed that Powell became disenchanted while serving in George W. Bush's administration over the intelligence information he received and used to justify the Iraq War.

Some have even wondered whether Powell might be offered the VP slot although most consider it unlikely that two African Americans on the same ticket would be a good idea.

It should also be noted that Powell has made recent positive statements concerning Sen. John McCain.

The Powell meeting might also fuel some backlash that has been flaming up among Obama's more progressive-leading supporters. There has been increasing talk that Barack is moving more toward the "center" in an attempt to attract more conservative voters.

Of course, this is a fairly common electoral strategy, but some may see it as contrary to the message of change espoused by the Obama campaign.

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