Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fundraising Deadline is Tomorrow

The July fundraising deadline is tomorrow, July 31, at midnight.

This month should be interesting because if the previous month is any indication, then the Obama campaign and the DNC should pull ahead of McCain and the RNC is war-chest funds.

Possibly McCain has been spending more than Obama this month with more than three times as many television ads for the Republicans. However, the Obama camp has also been spending money in opening up offices and expanding staff personnel. McCain's television spending is likely an attempt to catch up in the polls were he's been lagging behind his opponent.

Most of the money the candidates are raising now, must be spent before the start of the general election season, which starts after the respective party convention.

The numbers for fundraising may be released early to avoid the distraction of the Olympics once they start about a week from now. There are also rumors that both candidates may announce their VP picks before the Beijing opening ceremonies in order to dominate the news cycle, which will be impossible once the games start.

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