Thursday, July 3, 2008

Barack Obama reaffirms Iraq War Stance

After saying that he might 'refine' his Iraq withdrawal plan during a talk with veterans in Fargo, North Dakota, Barack Obama called a news conference to clarify his position.

Barack reiterated his commitment to begin an immediate withdrawal upon taking office on a schedule that should be completed in about 16 months. The hasty press conference might indicate that the Obama campaign is trying to squash perceptions that Barack is 'soft' on his stances and will not follow through when confronted with actual command decisions.

Here is the video of the meeting with reporters.

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JaaJoe said...

I think it's pretty hilarious that Obama thinks he can talk Ahmadinejad down. It really shows some ignorance of there culture. I just read a really good article,Should The President of the United States Talk to Ahmadinejad? , that does a pretty good job explaining why this probably wouldn't have great results.

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