Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Video: Victory Speech in St. Paul

Check out Barack Obama's stunning victory speech from last night in St. Paul, Minnesota, which also will host the Republican convention late this summer.

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Anonymous said...

As I watch what is happening in America today I am deeply disturbed. For years, the far left Marxist/ Socialist arm of the democratic party has been seeking to gain control and place their candidate in the executive office.

This is now being accomplished. Barrack Obama is the perfect candidate for their purposes. Obama hid his true agenda in the senate by being conveniently absent on votes that would have easily shown America his far left leaning. He is now distancing himself from those friends and colleagues who are anti-American and Marxist, but his heart is in the same place it has always been.

My fear is that he will ride into office with the votes of African Americans who want to see a black man elected president and young people who do not understand what Marxism and Socialism truly mean to our free enterprise system and our indepedence as a people. How tragic for our youth and a minority group to be used by those who have no intention of making America a stronger Republic or a better democracy. How unfair to black Americans who deserve better and our youth who have not been taught truth in our institutions.

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