Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama News on Wednesday

Barack Obama is campaigning now more for the general election than the primary. He appeared to day in Michigan talking about green manufacturing, and last night he discussed the economy in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. These are both important swing states that could go either way this November.

The victory yesterday of a Democrat in a Mississippi Republican stronghold is yet more evidence than many more states may "swing" than would be expected using traditional red state, blue state maps. Hillary Clinton's arguments on electability really do not take into account important new demographic trends.

More Superdelegates for Obama

Today, four more superdelegates have hopped aboard the Obama train.

From the College Democrats of America (CDA), CDA President Lauren Wolfe and CDA Vice President Awais Khaleel announced their support for Obama. Indiana Rep. Pete Visclosky and Democrats Abroad Chair and superdelegate Christine Schon Marques also threw their support to Obama.

CDA President and Vice President express their support for Barack Obama.

Barack talks about the economy last night in Missouri.

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Sara - pension comparison said...

I want Barack Obama to be President. He has lived abroad, is aware of cultural diversity and as a young person experienced an active social life... the guy has lived a little!

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