Wednesday, April 23, 2008

50 Former Edwards Supporters endorse Barack Obama

More good news as a host of former John Edwards supporters have rallied to back Barack Obama. Among the new endorsements is Edwards former National General Chairman Ed Turlington. So far, Edwards himself as not endorsed either candidate.

Former Edwards National General Chairman and 49 Other Edwards Supporters Throw Support to Barack Obama

by Zachary Scott Edwards, Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 09:29 AM

Edwards backers call North Carolina primary clear choice between real change and more of the same

Raleigh, NC -- The Obama campaign today announced the endorsement of 49 prominent supporters of John Edwards - including Ed Turlington, Edwards’ former National General Chairman. These North Carolina leaders - ranging from Members of Congress to a former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court to former law partners and longtime friends of John Edwards - cite Barack Obama’s commitment to fighting for change on behalf of working Americans and taking on the special interests in Washington.

"Barack Obama and John Edwards share a commitment to taking on special interests and standing up for regular Americans. Along with Edwards supporters from across the state, I am honored to join Senator Obama's movement for change,” said Turlington. “As president, he will bring together Democrats, Republicans and Independents behind an agenda of change. From ending the war in Iraq to confronting the scourge of poverty to making health care affordable for every single American, Barack Obama will bring our country the change we need.”

The diverse group said they are voting for Obama because he is the only candidate with a proven ability to unite America around a common vision and win the votes of Republicans and Independents whose support is critical to carrying the state in the fall.

Like Edwards, Obama refused donations from PACs and Washington lobbyists and vowed to stand up to the special interests that have blocked so much progress for working Americans in Washington, DC.

“John Edwards has dedicated his life and career to fighting poverty in America. Barack Obama demonstrated that same commitment when he turned down a high-paying job on Wall Street to work in Chicago communities decimated by steel mill closings,” said Louise Coggins, a social worker from Wilmington who has known John and Elizabeth Edwards for 30 years. “Senator Obama is now the only candidate in the race who doesn’t take money from PACs and federal lobbyists. We can count on him to stand up to special interests in Washington, DC on behalf of working men and women in America.

We need everyone in North Carolina getting involved right away, by volunteering at their local office. If you are not in North Carolina, we need you to start calling here using the MyBO call tool, or take a trip here to make the biggest impact on the ground. Join Us!

Click here to see the full list of local leaders who had previously backed John Edwards' campaign for president, but today are throwing their support behind Obama.

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