Friday, February 8, 2008

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire endorses Obama

Breaking: Washington Governor Chris Gregoire endorses Obama

by Sam Graham-FelsenFriday, February 08, 2008 at 08:16 AM
Breaking from the AP...

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire endorsed Barack Obama for president Friday, providing a last-minute lift to the Illinois senator on the eve of the state's hotly contested Democratic caucuses.

Gregoire, announcing her choice in an interview with The Associated Press, said that taking sides in the close contest for the Democratic nomination was tough, given her great admiration for Sen. Hillary Clinton.

But she said Obama is a charismatic and skilled leader who can bring the country together, help solve nagging problems, and restore the country's image abroad.

Gregoire planned to join Obama in a major campaign rally at Seattle's KeyArena on Friday....

Gregoire was the state's first female attorney general and is only the second woman governor in Washington since statehood. Washington is the only state with a female governor and both U.S. senators.

But Obama is quite popular in the Democratic strongholds of Seattle and other urban areas, and the Obama endorsement could help centrist Gregoire there.

"Lots of people said, 'Just stay out of it,'" said Gregoire, who faces a potentially tough re-election campaign of her own this fall.

"But all of my friends are going to caucus on Saturday and will be asked to make up their mind, so why shouldn't I? It was time for me to make up my mind."

Fellow Govs. Janet Napolitano of Arizona and Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas also have endorsed Obama.


"I gave it a lot of thought and it was a very difficult decision because I think Democrats and the nation are very blessed to have two outstanding candidates, both of whom would make a great president.

"Back when I was 18 years old, if anyone had told me in my lifetime we would have a choice between the first woman president and the first African American, I would have laughed out loud," she said. "They are both breaking the glass ceiling if you will."

Gregoire said Obama brings hope and inspiration to young and old alike.

"He is leading us toward a positive feeling of hope in our country and I love seeing that happen," she said. "I believe the nation faces significant challenges domestically and internationally and Obama is the person who has the ability to reach across artificial divides and move our national forward. Barack is that kind of leader."


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for that
"Moon Cricket" if the BOMB were to be dropped on my home............

Can you even fathom what damage that guy can do in 4 years........

The guy in office did enough to screw us all now all you boneheads want to vote for the same religion that wants to wipe us out.

Time for a dictator..........

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt he vote on key issues?

Anonymous said...

I've voted democrat ever since I could vote, But if Obama wins the democratic nomination I will be voting republican be it McCain or Huckabee. Obama has his own private agenda I feel. Many of my neighbors feel the same as I do and have mentioned they will vote republican as well. Come election time many of us who voted for Hillary will be switching sides.
Obama wins the democratic nomination our next president will be REPUBLICAN !

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