Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sacramento comes through for Barack Obama

I remember when Sacramento for Obama started in February of 2007 shortly after Barack Obama announced his candidacy.

They've been going strong ever since, and yesterday despite the loss in California, Sacramento came through for Sen. Obama.

In Sacramento County, with all precincts reporting, Barack Obama took 48% of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton's 46.3%.

The city of Sacramento, the state capital, falls with Doris Matsui's 5th Congressional District, and although the Congresswoman endorsed Hillary, Obama won the 5th with 50.1% compared to Clinton's 44.9%.

The 5th was one of only four congressional districts that gave extra delegates to Sen. Obama the other's being Rep. Barbara Lee's 9th CD in Oakland, the 33rd CD in Culver City (Metro LA) and the 35th CD in Inglewood.

Also, neighboring Yolo County where we cooperated especially with Unversity of California, Davis students saw an Obama victory at 48.2% to 45.9%.

Good job, Sacramento!

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Anonymous said...

if Obama gets the nominee I and 100 More are either not going to vote or vote republican

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