Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ground forces, surrogates will play key Super Tuesday role

No candidate will be able to effectively stump through 22 states leading up to Super Tuesday. Instead they will depend on an army of volunteers and surrogates to fan out and represent them in these locations.

Elected officials and celebrities who support the candidate can stump in key areas allowing the candidate to pick and choose which locations to target. Organizations like labor unions and political action committees will also play a role.

Celebrity surrogates vary in their effectiveness depending on the venue. In California, where two former Hollywood stars have governed the state, people often welcome the fanfare. Someone like Oprah Winfrey could have a big impact on the campaign trail in the Golden State.

Regular supporters also act as surrogates representing the candidate with their family, friends and associates. They may also volunteer to "cold call" working door-to-door, on the phones or at visibility/tabling events.

Barack Obama is widely seen as having the most extensive ground operation across the Tsunami Tuesday states. Here in California the operation is unprecedented. There are at least 13 official field offices most now working feverishly seven days a week. Numerous events are scheduled across the state to make contact with voters on behalf of the candidate.

The internet will also play an important role as supporters use email, texting and the like to cajole their contact list. Some may even work the social networks like Facebook and MySpace seeking new friends in Feb. 5 states across cyberspace.

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