Friday, July 20, 2007

Barack's cash from early states, online ads

If fundraising is used as the measure of support in early states like Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Barack Obama would lead in New Hampshire, John Edwards would take Iowa and South Carolina and Hillary Clinton would run away with Nevada.

Barack Obama raised $111, 251 in New Hampshire compared to Hillary Clinton's $71,225 and John Edwards' $39,626.

Barack raised $63,685 in Iowa compared to Hillary Clinton's $41,809 and John Edwards $67,566.

Obama has $188,860 in South Carolina to Hillary's $77,114 and Edwards' $226,555. Edwards was born in South Carolina and is based in neighboring North Carolina.

In Nevada, Barack pulled in $105,960 compared to Hillary's $395,730 and Edwards' $96,240.

Interestingly, Barack comes in first or second in all races, never third.

Online ads in New Hampshire

Obama for America will launch an online ad campaign on in New Hampshire.

The ads reportedly will feature Obama speaking to the viewers.

"So you're not (getting) sort of a pat, handler sort of line come out of him, but you have him deal with questions in a grounded, intelligent, sincere way," said Obama campaign volunteer Peter Beeson,.

Bill Richardson and John Edwards are currently running television ads in New Hamsphire. Richardson touts his plan to end the Iraq War, while the Edwards ad features his wife Elizabeth.

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