Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscars Night

Judging from a report from a pre-Oscar night Black Enterprise celebrity party, Barack Obama is doing quite favorably among black Hollywood stars and moguls, as compared maybe to his support among black politicos. Magic Johnson, though, is one powerful LA personality that appears strongly behind Hillary Clinton.

There's some people who think that Al Gore still may decide to run and that he might announce tonight some time around the Oscars ceremony.

Most insiders though doubt that Gore will run. He hasn't done the things a prudent guy like Gore would have done for a presidential campaign. His campaign accounts and infrastructure are all closed down. Many of his supporters were from the old Clinton network and the bulk are probably now solidly committed. He'll be close to two months behind the other candidates if he decides to announce now. Given his time out of the political circuit would one think he would have started earlier rather than later.

Quite a lot of early endorsements are already locked in and campaign professionals are being hired by one camp or another.

Many pollsters sill drop Gore if he doesn't announce tonight. There will be a scramble for the draft Gore supporters, just as there is now for Tom Vilsack's backers. Personally I think most of the folks from both camps will head either toward Obama or Edwards.


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