Monday, February 26, 2007

Barack's Favorable Unfavorable Ratings

Although its still way too early to figure out who's going to win the primaries using polls, there is one very good thing that Obama supporters can glean from the information they provide.

Most polls show that Barack Obama has the lowest unfavorable ratings among the major candidates. This is probably the best indication that his race will not play that big of a factor. The logic is that most people who would not vote for a person who is black would have an unfavorable attitude toward Obama in a presidential poll.

A weaker point in polls is found in that Obama's supporters still include lots of weak to moderate supporters. However, these polls almost always survey highly-likely voters. One thing that can be seen quite clearly is that the Barack Obama campaign is attracting many people who would not qualify as highly-likely voters.

If these people turn out on election day, then the polls probably won't give an accurate count.

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