Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nevada, Nevada

The state of Nevada will hold its Democratic caucus between the Iowa caucus, the first in the nation, and the New Hampshire primary.

Nevada may for the first time play a decisive role in who wins the nomination. It is probably the most progressive state among those holding early contests, and it has good minority and labor union representation. Las Vegas, one of the nation's booming cities, has one of the best cross-sections of people from around the country that you will find anywhere.

Basically, Nevada can be seen as a better thermometer of what the nation thinks as a whole. It also is the only Western representative among the early states.

Sen. Barack Obama is headed for Las Vegas on Feb. 18 where he will hold a rally at the Clark County Government Center.

Nevada is a great state for grassroots campaigning as many of the residents are newcomers who have not registered to vote locally.

One thing candidates must learn is how to correctly pronounce the name of the state, something of which residents expect of their candidates.

Barack Obama's appearance in Columbia. To view the videos you will need Windows Media Player.

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