Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Obama rolls online

Research from a few sites indicate that Barack Obama is leading the pack in online popularity.

Twelve percent of visitors to the Senate website click on Obama's webpage as compared to 7 percent for Clinton and 2 percent for John McCain.

Obama's campaign site is ranked 86,653 according to, which is ahead of Clinton's at 291,730 and McCain's at 321,363.

He also outrated Clinton, Edwards and McCain according to popularity in blogs judged by the amount of times his name was mentioned in blogs tracked by technorati and blogpulse.

Online popularity generally translates to support among young people and techies. Howard Dean and have used the internet to raise large sums of money. Obama can do the same.

What he needs to balance this is some experienced savvy old hands who know how things work at this level.

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