Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama attracts bigger crowds

The crowd in Madison, Wisconsin

President Barack Obama is consistently drawing larger crowds at his rallies and this may be a sign that his ground campaign is busier too.

The photo above shows a crowd estimated at about 30,000 in Wisconsin on Thursday.  In comparison, a post-debate rally by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Virginia drew about 10,000.  To be fair, Romney's team has been improving their crowd-raising numbers lately.

Obama also clearly continues to dominate overwhelming online.  Not only is his official campaign site busier, but he's more successful on social media.  For example, the president has 20,560,875 followers on Twitter compared to 1,291,042 for Romney.

Additionally, Romney only follows 269 people while the Obama team has made more efforts to reciprocate with the president following 672,122 people on Twitter.

On Facebook, Obama's official page has 29,335,498 likes.  In comparison, Romney's official page has 8,325,767 likes. 

Then there was the Wall Street Journal report that Obama  has raised more than $150 million in September.  These are not official numbers, but the campaign team did report that they had reached a total of 10 million donors by the end of the month.  Now, at the end of August, they had only 3 million donors total, so that is a major jump. Again, many of these donors will also volunteer for the campaign.

With only about a month left until the election, grassroots efforts will play probably the major role in turning out more voters. 

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