Thursday, October 25, 2012

Come to Florida - OFA Florida

While most attention right now is focused on Ohio, the state of Florida is still a very big prize up for grabs. In an earlier post, it was shown that Romney cannot win the electoral vote without winning Florida.

That was true taking into consideration the battleground state map at the time. Now, most analysts have narrowed down the number of battleground states even further. For example, NBC places North Carolina in Romney's corner while Nevada is now an Obama state.

If Romney loses Florida, he could win all the other current battleground states including Ohio and still lose. In order to win, he would have to win all those states and also steal either Pennsylvania or two other "lean Obama" states, so long as there are no surprises in the "solid" states.

Another reason to look at Florida very seriously is that Romney may have a weakness here on the issue of women's reproductive rights.

Ohio is also a good issue state for the Obama team due to Romney's stance on letting the auto industry go bankrupt.  Union workers in the state are also suspicious of Romney due to his ties with job outsourcing to China.

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