Saturday, September 1, 2012

Democrats can gain big on convention

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC offers great opportunities for President Barack Obama and the wider Democratic Party.

Party conventions are big enough on their own, but the Republican convention created some real openings for the Democrats. The event offers a platform to rally the troops and to talk to coveted independents and to those supporters who vote only infrequently. However, this year the Democrats can also show clearly how they differ in approach from the Republicans.

While the GOP convention was cheery at times for the in-group, it may not have been particularly inviting for people who are not diehard Republicans.  Much of the Tampa Bay event was rather negative if not downright gloomy.

A Tea Party like atmosphere prevailed at times, and that would likely turnoff independent voters.

In 2008, Barack Obama became noted for his "feel good" events.  He was the "hope and change" candidate and the big tent candidate.  Democrats would do good to recreate that atmosphere this time around.

While the party base may want "red meat," Democrats may be more inclined to be equally motivated by a positive approach.  After all, Democrats are traditionally the "bleeding heart" party that wants to change the world for the better.

Therefore, there is not as much need to spend too much time on hard-hitting attacks against Mitt Romney.  As the incumbent, the president wants to appear rather aloof from such behavior.  While he should chastise Republicans for obstructing progress during his first term, he should also clearly offer to work with the new post-Nov. 6 Congressional Republicans if they are willing to change their ways.

A "hopey changey" convention is a win-win situation when looked at from the perspective of the party base or from that of independent voters.

The Democratic Party has to show how they clearly have a plan for the future that they can implement with reasonable cooperation from Republicans.

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