Saturday, September 29, 2012

Romney can still come back

President Barack Obama is doing very well in the polls right now without a doubt.  He is looking good in both national and state polls.  His favorability rating is averaging 51 percent and his job approval is just under 50 percent.

In comparison, Mitt Romney has a favorable rating of only 44.6 while his unfavorable rating is at 46.8.

Now, the question arises as to whether Obama supporters should talk up the president's new momentum or stay cautious to keep volunteers from getting complacent.  The best option may be to use both approaches simultaneously.

By trumping up Obama's "Big Mo" they can get a lot of the people on the sidelines to join in the effort.  Many people, for example, wait to see who is winning before jumping on the "bandwagon."  Other people may be Obama voters, but they do not want to take any chances of associating themselves with anything that involves losing.

In either case, this provides stimulus for them to get involved.  You may notice how George Soros, the billionaire, was complaining about Obama and refused to contribute to any of the pro-Obama super-PACs until just recently.  Maybe he is seeing the writing on the wall and wants to get on the president's good side!

Even dedicated Obama supporters can get a lift by knowing that their efforts are bearing fruit.

On the other hand, you do not want the volunteers and donors getting overly confident thinking that this thing is in the bag.  Romney still has a lot of financial support and it is difficult to say that they do not have an "October surprise" ready to unleash.

The right approach is to acknowledge that the campaign is working and has been successful, but at the same time reinforcing the idea that the Obama team still has to play until the last buzzer.  Romney is still within reach and his opponents need to keep up the pressure for the win.

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