Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bill Clinton works magic as Democrats nominate Barack Obama

Former President Bill Clinton fired up the crowd last night and gave a masterful breakdown of the political and economic history of President Barack Obama's first term.

The second night of the Democratic National Convention focused far more on policy than the first night, which was much more of a pep rally leading up to First Lady Michelle Obama's intimate and insightful speech.

There were more speakers and many short videos that covered the important issues relating to Obama's accomplishments, his plans and the contrasts with Republican intentions.  A few speakers, including Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, did ignite the crowd prior to the main event featuring Massachusetts candidate for U.S. Senate Elizabeth Warren and Clinton.

Warren really woke up the crowd as she hammered the Republicans and Mitt Romney.  Her mention of Romney's well-known "Corporations are people too, my friend" remark got a rousing response from the audience in the Time Warner Cable Arena.

People were ready for an adrenaline rush after hours of speeches on policy and Warren delivered. 

When Clinton took the stage, there was quite a lot of anticipation in the air.  He did not fail his many fans in the audience.  Single-handedly, he laid out the issues in a style that everyone could readily absorb.

He explained how deep the economic damage was when Obama took office and how no other president, including himself, could have fixed the situation in just four years.  He also promised that if voters reelect President Obama, they will begin feeling the benefits of a full recovery in his second term.

Clinton urged Democrats and the TV audience to reject the Republican's "double down on trickle down" economics.

The Obama campaign team must be pleased with the Clinton performance.  He further energized the party base after a spectacular first night and gave the best possible defense of the administration along with a solid  endorsement of the president's plans for the future.

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