Saturday, August 18, 2012

Weekly Address: Congress Should Back Plan to Hire Teachers

President Obama speaks on his educational agenda, specifically on a plan to hire more teachers.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly TRUTH! and eventually somewhere down the line in life ........Everyone WILL BE F*kked worse off than they have ever been ........we will sink quicker in society's pool of quicksand.
'United We Stand, Divided We Fall' Not just the ...

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Democrats tie Akin ‘legitimate rape’ comments to Romney-Ryan

Democrats are trying to tie Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to GOP Rep. Todd Akin's claim that victims of "legitimate rape" rarely get pregnant, accusing Republicans of trying to drag women back to "the dark ages." "Akin's choice of words isn't the real issue here," Democratic National Committee Chair Deb...

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Pat Hartmann Back and Forth judgement NEVER gets anyone where they want to go, Build continously, DO NOT GO BACK.

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Pat Hartmann There is only 4% of the US who are TRULY Wealthy, compared to what was before the Twin Towers Event. Bush put us there, NOT Obama. No One sole person can change ALL and make everyone HAPPY in 4 years. NO ONE! and certainly NOT YOU! as one.

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Pat Hartmann Statistics have and show ALL proof Republicans PUT US there, Democrats, PULL US out! Educate YOURSELVES and KEEP US there, DO NOT GO BACK! Statistics PROVE Republicans are wealthy and have been wealthy and do not understand and/or care, Democrats have bEEn there. They came from the STREETS as the unwealthy to only try as a human against ALL ODDS to make things BETTER. TRUTH! KEEP building, DO NOT GO BACK again.

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Pat Hartmann The streets of CHICAGO NEED to JOIN as ONE to have the BACK of one for the state of ILLINOIS as ONE, to MAKE others STATES as ONE to have the back of ILLINOIS as ONE to have the back of ALL States as ONE, to BUILD and MAKE ALL states as ONE again as a WHOLE to Society to PROVE CHICAGO CAN DO this and MAKE AMERICA the Beautiful again. No one knows this better than the majority of the Streets of the unwealthy, as is New York too. PROVE IT! Let's ALL stand UP as ONE again to MAKE IT! " ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE" PROVE IT!

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Pat Hartmann Statistics have shown and has been proven that the streets of CHICAGO and the STREETS of NEW YORK have been the sole MAJORITY of the unwealthy against all odds of the MAJORITY to the WEALTHY, GO AGAINST ALL ODDS and take the chance to PROVE IT! WHO's got who's back! SHOW everyone no matter what the outcome, WHO can TRULY come from the deepest of DEPTHS to continue to MAKE one NATION keep building. Make the effort and PROVE IT!

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