Friday, August 10, 2012

Three polls suggest Obama surge

Three new polls show Barack Obama is widening his lead against Mitt Romney in the presidential race.

The polls come from CNN, Reuters/Ipsos and Fox News.  According to the New York Times' Nate Silver, CNN has the lowest "house bias" of the popular polling services.  Ipsos has a strong Democratic bias while Fox News, not surprisingly, tilts strongly for Republicans.

Therefore, the fact that all the polls show a rather high single-digit lead for Obama is significant.  In fact, the Fox News poll gives the president a nine point lead, higher than in the other two polls.

The CNN poll shows Obama over 50 percentage point threshold. while both the Fox News and the Reuters/Ipsos poll show Obama just barely below that threshold.

All the polls show the president leading among independent voters.  Another strong indicator suggests that Romney is suffering from image problems.  People do not like him and tend to have a suspicious view of his business and financial history.  This would suggest that some of the Democratic ads may be having an impact.

However, as Christine Pelosi noted on her Facebook page, Romney has not spent much money defining who he is.  Instead, he has mainly concentrated on attacking his opponent.  Not that the president and his supporters have not done their share on offense.  However, we have also seen more efforts by the Obama campaign to highlight his vision for a second term.

Indeed, people seem to already have a good idea of who Obama is and what he stands for.  The same is not true for Romney.

With less than three months left until the election, the Romney camp has a choice.  They can keep concentrating on attacking the president or they can shift more resources into showing who Mitt Romney is and where he wants to lead the country.

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Anonymous said...

I believe in president Obama and plan to support him again this year. I followed him because he truly cares about Americans. He has walked a mile in our shoes.
I believed in his kindness and honesty. The campaign has become negative on both sides. I would like to see President Obama rise above the negative campaign and be the man he was in 2008.
Do not stoop to Romney's level. Fight fire with water. Americans believe in Obama and will stand behind him. Use facts that you can prove. Romney is going to bury himself.
President Obama inherited a great deal of debt when he took office. We were in the middle of a war. What does Romney expect? President Obama has strived to keep his campaign promises. He believes in America. Stand behind Obama once again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this election is going to be a landslide for Obama. No need to even go vote. Easy win. I mean it's not like your vote really counts that much anyways. So I what I am doing and stay home.

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