Thursday, July 19, 2012

Romney to pick VP after Olympics

According to multiple news sources, Mitt Romney will hold off announcing his pick for vice president until after his European trip.  The presumptive Republican presidential nominee will attend the Olympic Games to watch his wife's horse compete in equestrian events.

Romney will also have a couple of big fundraisers in London organized mainly for bankers and business tycoons.

While Romney may have already selected his running mate, he will likely wait until after the Olympics to make an annoucement since the competition would distract people's attention.

The decision to attend the Games is rather curious as there are only three and a half months to go before the election.  Originally, the Romney campaign said that their candidate would not attend because he would be too busy campaigning.

President Obama will not attend the Games, but the First Lady will instead lead the U.S. Olympic Team in London.

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