Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Romney vs. the public sector

One has to wonder what Mitt Romney is thinking with his latest attacks on public sector workers.  Does he really think that suggesting that we get rid of teachers, firefighters, police officers and other government workers will help his campaign?

Apparently, he and the Republicans are tying to blame the problems in the economy on the public sector in such a way as to rile up people in the private sector. 

However this strategy has some obvious risks.  For one thing, he will certainly alienate most of the people who work in the public sector along with some very powerful government worker unions including the teachers' unions and SEIU.  He risks angered these workers at all levels from local to federal government.  That's a lot of workers and their families.

From what can be surmised, Romney believes that the recent election in Wisconsin shows that Americans want fewer teachers, firefighters and other public sector workers. However, it is highly questionable whether this is actually the case, and I would think unlikely to be generalizable to the rest of the country even if it is true in Wisconsin.

The general profile of independent voters in swing states does not suggest people who would be adverse to their local firefighters or police officers. 

Anyone with logical thinking would have to wonder how firing large numbers of government workers will help out the economy?   First of all, those newly unemployed people would have to start competing for the same openings as those already out of work. 

Without a job, how are those people going to keep buying stuff to keep the consumer economy running smoothly?

If people actually start to think about what Romney is saying, things could backfire on him rather quickly.

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