Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The power of word of mouth

Many people forget the power of word of mouth in persuading people to support a cause or a candidate.

While most campaign teams work on getting volunteers into phone banks or out walking from door to door, simply talking to people you know is one of the most effective ways in gaining support.  Not that canvassing and phone-banking are essential for success because they are a necessary part of grassroots work along with publicity-type events like rallies and sign-waving.

However, just think of the power that kids have in convincing their parents or grandparents to buy them things.  People tend to take advice from people that they trust.  On the other hand, convincing strangers can be tough work.

For this reason, simply talking about the president to people you know can be an effective way of not only getting their vote, but also of convincing them to donate or to volunteer with the campaign.  Speaking of volunteering, here is a video of voter registration activity over the weekend.

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