Friday, June 15, 2012

Looking at the electoral maps

Want to see where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney stand in some popular electoral map projections?  Here is a sampling of some the popular ones out there:

In order to win, a candidate must garner at least 270 electoral votes.  Although the maps have recently pushed downward for Pres. Obama, it has not been for any sustained period such that we could call it a trend.

Now, if we average the votes for Obama and Romney, and then take the remainder from all votes subtracted by their sum to get tossups:

Obama:  226 electoral votes
Romney: 193 electoral votes
Undecided:  119 electoral votes

The National Polls website does not allow tossups and comes up with the following projection based on polls and other data:

Obama: 296
Romney: 231

Source: Real Clear Politics


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