Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obama 2012 Campaign Strategy

In the Time article "The 15% Question: Why Mitt Romney's Tax Rate Matters," by Adam Sorenson, he shows why Romney's image may play an important role in Obama campaign strategy should the former Massachusetts governor win the nomination.

Obama's handlers are figuring out ways for the president to win enough electoral votes to take the election and part of the strategy will involve coming out with the right message.  Recently, Obama's speeches have leaned more toward a populist approach in agreement with many of the sentiments of the Occupy movement.

Mitt Romney would make an excellent opponent for framing the issues around the growing conflict between the "99 percent" and the "1 percent."

Talking to reporters, Romney said that his tax rate is close to 15% because most of his earnings come from investments (capital gains).  That means that  basically he pays a lower rate than working lower middle class Americans despite having a fortune estimated at $250 million.

If that was not enough, a recent ABC report indicates that Romney is shielding millions of dollars of his wealth from US taxes through offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Expect to see these issues resurface should Romney win the nomination.  Also, expect to see the video of Romney claiming in Iowa that corporations are people played repeatedly by Obama supporters if not the campaign itself, if an Obama-Romney match-up occurs.

An Obama campaign strategy centered around a populist message will appeal to many voters still hurting from a slowly-recovering economy against the backdrop of a Republican Party that seems not to care much about creating jobs for Americans.

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Romney critic on Bain Capital resurfaces


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