Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingrich retakes frontrunner status

With Newt Gingrich's resounding victory in South Carolina tonight, he definitely moves into front runner status in my book. Just consider a few things.

South Carolina is a good barometer for voting in the entire American South.  I am including delegate rich states like Texas as part of the "South."  Even in states that do not have winner-take-all, Gingrich stands to gain many delegates throughout the South.

Then there are the conservative states in the Midwest and the "Rust Belt."  Again, many of these states are loaded with delegates.  With Sarah Palin's endorsement, he stands to do well in the northern states and all states with strong Tea Party infrastructure.

Now of course there could still be some campaign-crushing revelation that pops up and changes the course of the race, but for now I see Newt as the solid front-runner and the candidate to beat.

However, all indications points to a tough fight for the nomination that could last for a few more months at least.  For the Obama campaign this is a good thing since it will mean that the super PACs will need to spend much of their money supporting their candidates rather than going after the president.

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RIW - 50 States said...

I see the possible nomination of Newt Gingrich as a good thing for the Obama campaign.

When it comes to the general elections and the overall population of the U.S. Gingrich is not very well liked by swing voters, independents and minorities. I feel the republicans are doing themselves a big injustice by voting for Gingrich. Though on the other hand Romney is also fatally flawed and I feel is a weak candidate against Obama. With the OWS movement it would be very easy for Obama to bring Romney down.

Personally, I feel the GOP is doomed in 2012.

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