Friday, December 9, 2011

In recent speeches and public comments, President Barack Obama has embraced the Occupy movement.  He is developing his campaign as one in which he champions the cause of the 99%.

He even characterized the overall 2012 election as a "make or break" time for the middle class. 

The Occupy movement has been kicked out of most of its encampments, but it has shifted its focus in a number of ways.  Recently different groups launched an effort to occupy foreclosed homes.  In some areas, the movement is reoccupying areas from which they were expelled or they are choosing new areas to encamp.

Obama may be able to benefit from the goodwill of the group if he is seen as advocating for their cause.  While he focused more on "uniting" the country in his first campaign, his efforts have not borne much fruit. Republicans continue to obstruct any progress with a record number of filibusters in the senate.

Many people who supported the president the first time around also support the Occupy movement, so there should be enough opportunities for cooperation between the two sides.

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