Thursday, October 27, 2011

More on Cain

The Herman Cain flurry could survive according to some analysts because the Georgia-based candidate just has the right type of appeal at the right time. Cain might continue to attract support even though there are signs that he still isn't taking his campaign seriously.

Although it is getting late in the game, Cain still does not have a serious operation set up in any of the early states. He's still doing paid speaking engagements and many people still think he's in the race to promote his brand more than anything else.

However, Cain has started to hire new staff including Steve Grubbs, the new chairman of his Iowa effort and a former chair of the state Republican party. What makes Cain resonate with GOP voters may be the very same qualities that make him seem outlandish to others. His main support seems to come from the Tea Party segment of the party and his "outsider" style and "tell it like it is" manner of speaking have strong appeal with that group.

Ron Paul holds many of the positions as Cain including a flat tax plan, but in comparison to the latter, Paul comes across as boring and cerebral. With Tea Party voters the last thing one wants to convey is an aura of the "intellectual elite."

We'll have to see how Cain's poll number hold up over the next few debates as his opponents concentrate more attacks in his direction.

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