Sunday, July 24, 2011

Debt deal looks unlikely

Despite last ditch efforts by the president to broker a deal on the debt ceiling, a bipartisan agreement now looks hopeless.

Each side is now working on its own plan to reduce the deficit and to temporarily extend the debt ceiling. Pres. Obama wants to extend the debt ceiling until at least 2013.

If the two sides fail to at least temporarily raise the debt ceiling, the country could default on its payments. Many experts predict that this could lead to a meltdown of US treasury investments.


Anonymous said...

So, Obama says Social Security may not be paid after 8-2-11 if they don't reach an agreement. I have a better idea. Rather than not paying the people who need that small check every month, let's not pay any politician for the next year, see if that helps them to work a little harder for the US, the little people.

Anonymous said...

She might raise the ceiling, she might give us jobs,
but she hasn't got a penny.
Some gave her some, some gave her all,
but some won't give her any.
She is here be what may to stay,
yet who will still stand up for her today?


Anonymous said...

Lets make sure the Tax loopholes for large companies are removed and these companies pay their fair share of taxes. Lets stop giving our hard earned Tax money which is taken away from us to these other countries when we the people need these dollars here in our own country. Stop paying congress & senators full pay retirement for only spending 4 years in the job. The military said if I wanted a 50% retirement I would need to work for the U.S Army for 20 years and 1 day. Make the Congress & Sentors pay for health care the same as the working people.

Just my two cents

Daniel L. Allen said...

There is another way to fix this problem ( We can jumpstart our economy by understanding how it works. Learn more about the GDP and how our consumption and investments can change our financial outlook. We don't have to leave it up to Congress passing a debt deal.

belinda said...

Mr.Obama, I went to college and became a nurse in Tx.And I am a author.I have writting my first book.And one of my dreams is for you to read it!I hope you will like it and tell a friend!When you ran for president I went around knocking at everyone door telling them to vote for you!Because I like what you stand for! And I will be going around telling poeple to vote for you again! I am so proud of you and the work you have did for our country!Mr. Obama alot of men tried to catch Benlin,but you did it!Thank you so much for making the wright the decision at the wright time!And making our country a safer place to live in.The office was in a mess before you got into it! You have did a great job, it take time! Kept up the great work! Please read my book"MY LITTLE SECRETS" author Belinda Davis, My book is about the south and it make me think of the movie Color Purple, Thank You so much for your time Belinda!PLEASE EXCUSED MY SPELLING!

belinda said...

Mr.Obama, I went to college,and became a nurse in Tx.and now I am author.I have writting my first book,'My Little Secrets" author Belinda Davis,My book is about the a south, I was raised up in the south and my book make me think about the movie Color Purple! And one of my dreams is for you to read my book and if you like it tell a friend! When you ran for president. I went around knocking at everyone door telling them to vote for you!Because I like what you stand for!And I will be going around telling everyone to vote for you again! I am so proud of you and the work you have did for our country!Mr.Obama alot of men tried to catch Benlin,but you did it! Thank you so much for making the wright decision at the wright time!And making our country a much safer place to live in! Mr.Obama the office was in a mess before you became president,you have did a great job for the time you have being president!P.S It take TIME! Kept up the good work! YES WE CAN! Belinda!PLEASE EXCUSE MY SPELLING!

Debrrah said...

It is unconscionable what Obama has done to this country in three years. Please…… tell me he is not on a bus tour campaigning for another term in office. His $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) did nothing to recover the depressed housing market because enough loans were not modified. As a matter of fact, the country still has yet to see the cataclysmic effect of the housing market. The banks were telling homeowners that they did not have to comply with the TARP program because they have already paid their debts with interest to the government. Furthermore, they were telling some homeowners that they had been offered the “Making Homes Affordable” and we failed to comply, when in fact “we” didn’t know what the hell it was and when it was offered because the truth is that we were never given the opportunity to apply.
Well, the banks got their bail out and the main reason home owners didn’t qualify for theirs is because there were no stipulations in the legislation that the loan had to be modified to the property value and the principal balance had to be reduced fairly, so how could loans be modified? Even my seventeen year old daughter can see the rationale. Why the Harvard graduates did not see it coming?
Most homeowners were practically cohered into purchasing these properties, not because they are stupid, but at that time that was their only housing option because “Wall Street” operates above the law. Can you imagine what happened when the job market went sour too?
Furthermore, the investors sued a couple of the bank for selling them bad loans and they got billions in payoff too. Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission sued Countrywide Home Loans for “unlawful practices” and I got a settlement check for $26.00. Go figure if Obama needs another term in office.
Sorry, Obama, we don’t need a lecturer, we already have college degrees and student loans that we can’t afford to pay. What we need is a problem solver!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Some people have no clue, the supposed educated. riddle me this if you inheirt a poop sandwich, how do you magically make it peanut butter. You blame Obama which may or maynot be true, but who made the sandwich= Bush

Eddie said...

You liberals are pathetic. You have destroyed generations of people by telling them you're not good enough to succeed. You sicken me.

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