Saturday, June 25, 2011

Obama, Palin and Bachmann in Iowa on Tuesday

President Barack Obama and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will both be in Iowa on Tuesday. Palin is coming for the opening of her new movie, but rumors have been circulating that she use the opportunity to  announce her entry into the Republican primary.

Michelle Bachmann will also be in Iowa on that day, so we should expect a lot of press coverage from the state.  Bachmann did very well in recent poll coming in just behind Mitt Romney. She will officially announce her candidacy on Tuesday.

The president will be in Iowa promoting American manufacturing -- something that he has been talking about a lot about lately. 

No one doubts that the economy is likely to be the issue for the 2012 election.  I don't agree with the line of thought that has Obama taking all the blame if the economy sours.  In my view, the voters are looking more for answers now rather than thinking of political parties to blame.

Whoever has ideas and a job-creating plan that will appeal to voters will have the best chance of attracting disgruntled voters in my view.

Sarah Palin in Philadelphia during her bus tour (Newscom photo)


Obama Forum said...

Great!!! Love it. so what do you think about the next presidential election??? your idea count : say " yes" or "no" ..
Obama forum:

Mike said...

Looks like Obama's gonna need some help from the nicotine departement to be in the same city as Palin ;)

Calgary Real Estate said...

I wish there was a democrat other than Obama running for president.

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