Sunday, January 2, 2011

Polls favoring Obama so far for 2012

Although President Barack Obama's average approval ratings are still about five percentage points below 50 percent, he still looks in relatively good standing for the 2012 election.

No serious candidates have expressed interest in running against Obama in the primary and most possible contenders have publicly ruled out any challenge.

Recent nationwide polls show Obama leading the GOP field of candidates, but even more importantly the president is doing very well in a recent series of state polls by PPP.  The structure of the electoral college makes the state-to-state races more important than the nationwide vote.

Obama lead PPP polls in Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin and even in North Carolina, which the president won in a close race in 2008.

Another reason to be optimistic is the current field of Republican prospects all have serious weaknesses that tend to favor the president.  Palin still looks like the strongest of the bunch although the mainstream GOP seems to be leaning toward Romney.


Anonymous said...

By 2012, The National Popular Vote bill could guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states (and DC).

Every vote, everywhere, would be politically relevant and equal in presidential elections. Elections wouldn’t be about winning states. No more distorting and divisive red and blue state maps. Every vote, everywhere would be counted for and directly assist the candidate for whom it was cast. Candidates would need to care about voters across the nation, not just undecided voters in a handful of swing states.

The bill would take effect only when enacted, in identical form, by states possessing a majority of the electoral votes–that is, enough electoral votes to elect a President (270 of 538). When the bill comes into effect, all the electoral votes from those states would be awarded to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states (and DC).

The bill uses the power given to each state by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution to change how they award their electoral votes for president.

In Gallup polls since 1944, only about 20% of the public has supported the current system of awarding all of a state’s electoral votes to the presidential candidate who receives the most votes in each separate state (with about 70% opposed and about 10% undecided). Support for a national popular vote is strong in virtually every state, partisan, and demographic group surveyed in recent polls in closely divided battleground states: CO– 68%, IA –75%, MI– 73%, MO– 70%, NH– 69%, NV– 72%, NM– 76%, NC– 74%, OH– 70%, PA — 78%, VA — 74%, and WI — 71%; in smaller states (3 to 5 electoral votes): AK – 70%, DC – 76%, DE –75%, ME — 77%, NE — 74%, NH –69%, NV — 72%, NM — 76%, RI — 74%, and VT — 75%; in Southern and border states: AR –80%, KY — 80%, MS –77%, MO — 70%, NC — 74%, and VA — 74%; and in other states polled: CA — 70%, CT — 74% , MA — 73%, MN – 75%, NY — 79%, WA — 77%, and WV- 81%.

The bill has passed 31 state legislative chambers, in 21 small, medium-small, medium, and large states, including one house in AR, CT, DE, DC, ME, MI, NV, NM, NY, NC, and OR, and both houses in CA, CO, HI, IL, NJ, MD, MA ,RI, VT, and WA . The bill has been enacted by DC, HI, IL, NJ, MD, MA, and WA. These 7 states possess 76 electoral votes — 28% of the 270 necessary to bring the law into effect.

Susan Burns said...

It is hard to understand why so many people do not think President Obama has exceptional character. Whenever he leaves office, he will continue to do great things. Unlike Reagan and Bush (both).

Anonymous said...

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Dr. Michael D. Evans said...

People have different reasons on what they think about Obama, to each his own.

Dr. Michael D. Evans said...

People have different views on what they think about Obama, to each his own.

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