Saturday, October 9, 2010

Early voting is underway

Early voting, especially by mail ballot, is underway in many states. I completed my mail ballot yesterday.

Candidates are scrambling to get last minute messages to voters before they fill in their early ballots. However, this segment is often the hardest to persuade. They tend to stay abreast of the issues and form their own strong opinions. Many fewer of them are "swing voters."

Rust belt states

I've noticed in the "rust belt" states that the Democratic internet activity is lower than that of the Republicans. For example, the websites of Sestak and Fisher in Pennsylvania and Ohio respectively are far less busy than those of their GOP opponents. That should never be the case, as the internet is a Democratic stronghold. The party needs to do more to drive people to Democratic sites in these areas.

Nothing wrong with canvassing and other old school campaigning efforts, but you cannot give up the technological/media battlefield.

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