Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Technology may make the difference in Nov.

Mid-term elections are the biggest thing other than the presidential contests that happen every four years.  The other elections that made so many headlines are really small potatoes compared to the polls coming up on November 2.

Technology will likely play a role in how the parties attempt to reach voters in numerous contests across the country. Social media will be important as it was during the 2008 presidential election, and mobile devices like iPhones and other smart phones, iPods, Blackberries, and e-readers may come to the fore as never before.

More people are using mobile devices now as compared to 2008, and the number of people who text regularly has risen dramatically. 

Electronic media will undoubtedly play an important role in getting out the vote on election day.   We may see location-based social media used to help bring bigger crowds to rallies and other public events. 

The fact that the number of people over 50 that are using social media has been surging will be very attractive to political consultants. Older voters are more reliable in terms of going to the polls, especially during the mid-term elections.

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