Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good night for Democrats

Last night was a good one for the Democrats as Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell won the Republican nomination over the establishment pick.  Tea Party favorite Ovide Lamontagne also looked strong in New Hampshire where he is close behind former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte despite the latter spending about four times as much money.

In addition, Tea Party pick Carl Paladino defeated Rick Lazio in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Although many have compared the Democrats current situation with that of Bill Clinton when Democrats lost control of Congress during the midterms, it's actually the GOP that is the divided party these days.   When the Dems lost back then, blue dogs and yellow dogs -- the conservative and progressive wings of the party -- were going at each others jugulars.

Today, it is the Republican Party that is in disarray and in the midst of a civil war.  That is not to say that the Democrats do not face challenges in November.  Voters are basically ready to get out incumbents, and there are more Democratic incumbents than Republican.

However, voters may not like the idea of voting into power a party that is so divided, and associated with folks who make even Karl Rove cringe.

Again, the key for Democrats is getting their voters to the polls, and also winning over swing voters.  Remember that in every election there are people who do not make up their minds until the last minute. A well-organized field campaign can help motivate Democratic voters and help last-minute voters make the correct choices.

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firerobin said...

There is no way O'Donnell will win in the general election. O'Donnell beating Castle was the best thing to happen for Democrats. We just need to sit back and let the Tea Party cannibalize the GOP and we'll be alright in November.

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