Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Obama still popular with liberals despite White House criticism

Robert Gibbs blasted "professional liberals" for their criticism of the White House, even suggesting they "ought to be drug tested."

However, according to a survey to be released by Public Policy Polling, Obama has maintained popularity with liberals while his ratings have fallen among other groups:

On the national poll we'll release this week 85% of liberals approve of the job Obama is doing to 12% disapproving. 88% support his health care plan looking back with only 7% opposed.

Not only are those numbers good, but they're steady. Obama's favor with liberals hasn't been on the decline. In May his approval with liberals was 87/10. In February it was 81/15. In November it was 87/4. Even as his ratings have declined overall he's stayed in that sort of mid-80s range with liberal voters.

The volume of the voices of liberals who don't like Obama is much greater than the volume of their numbers, which probably means Robert Gibbs shouldn't let the select few get him so irritated.

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