Sunday, March 21, 2010

Historic healthcare reform set to become law

A momentous night for President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party as the House passed the health care reform bill. Once signed by the president the legislation will become the law of the land.

The House also passed the reconciliation bill that contains changes to reform bill, and that still needs to be approved by the Senate.

For a good article on what types of benefits you can expect from the new law, and which you definitely should take advantage of, see this New York Times article.

The Democratic victory will likely help Obama's ratings along with those of Democratic candidates up for election in 2010. Some Democrats though will become more vulnerable because of their support for reform tonight, and groups like Organizing for America are setting up systems to provide assistance to these candidates come election time.


Em construção said...

The world is wishing good luck to USA, God bless Obama and the USA. I really believe it's a good deal, Obama is right, you're people able to do big things.

Brazil is with Obama in this case.

Anonymous said...

3/23/2010 : In order for you to understand, I like President , and I will jump into any blog that speaks bad of him in a moral issue,\" This will not be tolerated by me.\" But FASC Concepts is to reach out to President Obama and have him stand with the people and to be as one with us again. To remove this force pay and merge the views of 250 million people within this Bill to law. To build the most powerful Health Care Health Reform Stimulus Package ever thought of. But I have protested this Bill because of its lacks of moral value, against the People. Is There A Constitutional Infringement of a Moral Value for Health Care vs. The People
Part 1: 3/22/2010: { recapped for short input}
I had to wait for this Bill to be passed in order to show the Republican Party and GOP and FRC Action that it is the voice of the people that guides the destiny of this Country. I guess you could say I needed them to get out of the way so that the last Comic Standing will be FASC Concepts and we do not need the peoples money to assist the needs of the Peoples Rights.
As predicted , the first stages of the Health Care Bill was passed. Why, you ask ? It is because people wish to be seen for their in put of a view and not unite. What is lost is respect with in a concept of { Freedom Of Choice } to be a part of this system or not, with in this Health Care Force Pay Matrix.
What is offered by FASC Concepts is the Freedom Of Choice, because we feel it is unconstitutional to force pay into the failures of Health Care Insurance Companies and then Tax that money. As you can see our elected officials are paying little attention to the public. As I reach out to my computer and I knock , knock, knock on the screen, and I say is there any body out there?
Health Care within a moral value, is to , {GIVE LIFE TO HOPE WHERE THERE IS NONE}
You will not find any lies posted at our site, that is not clarified.....
You can find the details on p23. At the link site for on page 100 at the main site.
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