Monday, December 21, 2009

Should Obama make hay while the Sun shines?

While it is still a long time before the 2010 polls, one has to wonder about all these public opinion polls showing some weakness for the Democrats and declining popularity for President Barack Obama.

Not that I think Obama himself is in any way threatened in 2012. No matter how people may be disappointed with the economy and the like, I don't think a Republican president is in the offering especially if the economy is still weak.

However, the Democrats could potentially suffer in 2010 unless things change a bit and people start liking what they seen coming from the administration. Signing a health reform bill could certainly help.

Indeed, maybe Obama and the Democrat-led Congress need to hurry up and pass some of Obama's progressive plans before 2010. Not only may this help turn things around, but just in case the Democrats suffer a setback, they will already have a lot of things in the bank.

Obviously, the Dems will have great difficulty if they lose a single seat in the Senate. They could still get things by using reconciliation but it will be slow going.

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Filip said...

Obama surfing!!!

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