Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama the first "Pacific President"

President Barack Obama described himself as the first "Pacific President" of the United States during a speech at Tokyo before heading to Singapore for the APEC conference.

Obama is in Asia primarily to help jumpstart the world economy and to encourage Asians to buy American goods.

However, Obama is hesitant to ink free trade deals in the region because of labor opposition.


Torgny said...

Obama is the first pacific president in the meaning that he wants cooperation between America and Asia. Building a newwork of trust and good relations leading to peace.

US tade unions are traditionally against free trade, and Obama is in a very difficult position here. If he follows what trade unions want, he will gain their support. But if USA stops buying US goods and put up trade tariffs, other nations will stop buying US goods. Millions of people in US industries of ex computers, aeroplanes will be unemployed. This is something that many people do not take into consideration when they want to stop trade.

bravo said...


Dear Obama,

today you are makining shape of world, against Muslim
your BOMB blessings, how your are killing innocent Muslim women,Kids, families and loved ones in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries.

But tomorrow is also a day to come,a GOD judgment, remember those who you killed your BOMB blessings.

best regards!

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